International Tamil Diaspora (Mauritius)

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President's Message

Date: 13-09-2013

It is indeed a matter of great pleasure and pride that the First International Conference on Tamil Diaspora is going to be held in Mauritius in July 2014 and that the Tamil community of Mauritius has the privilege to host this historic event in this sylvan land with nature’s plenty. This international conclave is the first effort to pool together the Tamil Diaspora living in distant lands and promote not only academic dialogue but also solidarity and mutual understanding among them.

The Tamil Diaspora is a vibrant group of people of Indian and Sri Lankan origin who live with a spirit of oneness even though separated geographically by large distances throughout the world. They share a common heritage which is very unique and antique with a rich tradition of culture, great legacy of linguistic achievements, religious marvels and artistic heights. They are the proud inheritors of a great civilization which has contributed immensely for the enrichment of the human knowledge and the culture of mankind.

We are inaugurating a new chapter in the history of the Tamil Diaspora through this first international meet. Being the first conference, we intend to undertake a systematic survey of the Tamil Diaspora and to study the various aspects of their life style and their struggle to preserve their rich culture in the midst of the composite cultures of the countries where they are living.

As the Chairman of the organising committee of this unique programme, it is my privilege to extend a warm welcome to my brothers and sisters of the Tamil Diaspora communities living in various countries to participate in this significant event and strengthen our solidarity and togetherness. It is our wish that there should be good representation for this unique international meet from all the Tamil Diaspora community living all over the world. The subsequent conferences will be organised in different countries one after another in due course with different themes with a view to study all aspects of the life style of the Tamil Diaspora communities in an objective and systematic way.

I am happy that the Government of Tamil Nadu has planned to undertake few studies about our Tamil Diaspora and bring out initially 25 small volumes during the 12th five year plan on our people living in 25 different countries. We are also planning to start a permanent centre for the study of Tamil Diaspora in Chennai which will take care of the various research in addition to serving as a bridge between the Tamil Diaspora and our original motherland.

I invite all of you to join us in this collective unique mission, and help for the resounding success of the first International Conference as well as the subsequent projects envisaged for the amelioration of the Tamil Diaspora community all over the world.

Thanking you,

With warm regards,

Yours sincerely,

Prof Armoogum Parsuramen

Full Papers – English/Tamil/French
(Foreign & Local delegates)


1.Mr E.K. Vellingiriraj

[email protected]

Automatic decipher of preserved illustrious historical palm manuscripts from different countries

2.Dr Mahalingam Marimuthu

[email protected]

Is Tamil Heritage in Malaysia in Distress?

3.Dr Pichamuthu Ratnasababady

[email protected]

Motherland’s mission to meet diaspora’s vision

4.Dr Lalitha Sundaram

Island of Pearls and Beauty – Maurtiius

5.Dr Mahesvari Naidu

[email protected]

Tamil Diaspora in South Africa: :The Context of Migratory Flows &Mobility of Indian People

6.Mr Ratnam Mahendran

[email protected]

The Confluence of Tamil Language, Literature and History

7.Ms Jayanthi Ramasamy

[email protected]

Tamil Diaspora in South Africa and their connection with homeland through cultural linkages

8.Mr Diraviam Subramaniam

[email protected]

Tamil Computing – Its Growth and Future 1997 -2013

9.Mr Prabhakaran Baskharan

(Madurai Adheenam)

Tamil Diaspora During the Ancient Period

10.Prof. Gregory James

They shall not return… First World

War sacrifices from the Tamil Diaspora

11.Revd. John Albert Selwyn

An analysis of the work of Christian Missions in the development of Tamil Languages

12.Dr Jayaseela Stephen

Waves of migration of the different of the Tamil social groups and cycle of their living conditions and experiences through the ships of the French East Indian Company…

13.Dr K Uma Makeswari

Tamil Diaspora in Australia

14.Prof. Mrs V. Balambal

Cultural traditions of Tamils in Canada

15.Mr SenthilKumar

Tamils in Seychelles

16.Mr Mohana Dass Ramasamy

Occupational Based Lexical Words in the Rubber, Oil Palm and Tea Plantation in Malaysia and the Intelligence of the ‘Linguistic Engineers’

17.Dr Thilagavathi Chandulal

A Tale of Two Tamils in Totonto: A Call for Action

18.Dr Siva Pillai

British Tamils

19.Mr. M. Baskaran Subramanian

The Early Migrants of South Indian contribution to the development of Fijian Economy

20.Dr Young Ho Lee

Visit of Tamil monk Bodhidharma to East Asia

21.Mr Thiruchchoti Thirukulasingam

National Existence and National Oppression –Tamil people

22.Dr. Vridhachalem Subramaniam

Distinctive Features of the Diaspora Culture & Its Future

23.Dr Muhilai Rajapandian

Migrants in Manimegalai

24.Mr Yeganathan Sagren Naidoo

Paper on the History of Radio and Television in South Africa

25.Mr D. Aarun

Tamil Diaspora in China

26.Dr Subbayan Asari

Tamil Diaspora …….


27.Ms Bharkavi Ganddhinathan

Pulampeyar Ilangai Tamizhar, Kovilgal Muulam peenum Samayakalachara Adaiyaalangal

28.Dr K Anandaravisastri

Mauritius Tamizhargalin Pannpaathu Kalaatchaava Amaivu

29.Dr K Vijaya

Pulampeyarnthorum ThiruRamasami Ninaivup Palkalaikkazhagamum

30.Dr K Shanmugam

Singapporil Tamizhini…

31.Dr V M S Aandavar

Eelat Tamizhar Varalaaru

32.Dr Vasu Arivazhagan

Arasiyal Amaippu Sattamum Pulampeyarndorum

33.Dr B Vasantha

Pulampeyarnthorum Taayaga Makkalum

34.Dr S Vajravelu

Pulampeyarndhor Nalakkolgai

35.Mr Santhanakrishnan (Madurai Aadheenam)

Akam Puram

36.Mr Albert Fernando

Americavil Vallalaar Vazhiyil Passippini Teerkum Tamizhargal

37.Mr S. Krishnan

Pulampeyarntha Aanmigam – Singapore Aalayangal

38.Dr David Prabakar

Tamil and Tamilians in the Philippines

39.Dr Arthanariswaran

Tamizhargalin Velinaattu Kudiyétrangal – Oru Paarvai

40.Mr K Selladurai

Anniya Naattil Vaazhum Tamizhargalin Nilaippaadum Seyalpaadugalum

41.Mr S Ilangkumaran

Malaysia Nattuppurap Paadalgalil PenngalNilai

42.Mrs Selvajothi Ramalingam

Malaysiavil Kutching Tamizhargalideyé Tamil Mozhi Payanpaadu

43.Dr Seetha Lakshmi

Pesuttamizh vazhiye nam tamizhai vazhum mozhiyarkouvoum !

44.Dr N Somasundaram

Tamizhar Vaazhvin Tagaimai Oongum

45.Dr K. Punniyamoorthy

Ulagap podumaraiyaam Thirukkuralai Ulaga Avaiyattu Mundiyirupp seyvadeppadi ?

46.Pulavar Arivar S. Sundarasen

Tamizhmozhi Uyarthanip panbhu padaitta chemozhi

47.Dr D. Vetrichelvan

Sayam Marana Rayil …..

48.Dr S. Ganeshram

Pulam Peyar Puthinanthil Varalatru Tharavugal

49.Mrs.Vijayalakshmi Masilamani

Saudi Arabiavil, Tamizharin Uzhaippum, Pizhaippum

50.Dr Alagar Ramanujam

Ulaga Amaithikku Pulam Peyarntha Tamizhargallin Pangu

51.Dr Chandrika Subramaniam

Taayagam Kanda Tamil Oodakam

52.Mr Rasiah Maheswaran

Ilangaiyil Pulampeyarntha Indiyat Tamizhargalum Tanittuvamaana Sumuga Kalaatchaara Vizhumiyangalum


53.Mr Emmanuel Richon

Retour aux sources ou fuites en avant – flux migratoire inverses

54.Mrs Marie France Goblet

Tiroumoudy Chettiar – un notable de Riviere du Rempart

55.Dr Selvam Chanmougame

Le renouveau Tamoule a la Reunion

Copy of papers may be obtained on request to the Secretary at [email protected] .