International Tamil Diaspora (Mauritius)

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Tour of Kumbakonam  Sankara Raman and Group

17th – 23rd November 2015

Programme Approved by Joint Committee on 12th November 2015

Tuesday 17th November

11.55 am: Arrival from Chennai by MK 747 

Accommodation: Pereybere

Wednesday 18th November

10.15 am: Laying of Wreath  at Silambou, Plaza, Rose Hill

11.00 am: Press Conference at Tamil League, Réduit

Noon: Lunch in Ebene City followed by rest in Ebène Village (Private residence)

06.00 pm: The Hindoo Tamoolall Sivasoopramanien Benevolent Society ( Kovil Montagne) Quatre Bornes on the auspicious occasion of MURUGAN THIRU KALYANAM

Thursday 19th November

11.00 am: Visit to Sockalingum Meenatchee Ammen Temple followed by lunch with inmates of  Meenatchee Home

06.00 pm : Siva Soopramanien Kovil, Goodlands

Friday 20th November

04.00 pm: Tea at Union Tamoule de Maurice, Coromandel

06.00 pm:  Kistnen Mestree Tamil Benevolent Society Arulmigu Draupadee Ammen Tirukovil  Stanley Kovil (Nadarasen Hall), Stanley

Saturday 21st November

10.00 am: Excursion to Grand Bassin and Black River Gorges

 followed by lunch  and rest at Nouvelle France (Private residence)

05.30 pm: Rose Belle Tamize Maha Jana Sangham


Sunday 22nd November

02.00 pm: Gala Show  at Octave Wiehe  Audidorium, Réduit


Monday 23rd  November

09.00 pm: Departure to Chennai by MK 746

Sri Krishnamurthy is more than 60 years. He has no hands and legs. He sets an example for all of us "how to survive during testing,challenging circumstances" . He addresses meetings and offers motivational guidance to the youth of India.