International Tamil Diaspora (Mauritius)

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Message from the President

The First International Conference on Tamil Diaspora is now a happy souvenir. Indeed, those who have contributed through long months of hard work and those who through their participation in large numbers from home and overseas will long remember the outstanding success of this meeting.

The distinguished participation of so many illustrious scholars both of the Diaspora and of non-Tamil origin whose expert knowledge of Tamil Language, Culture, and History brought the debates to a level rarely attained in such meetings.

But above all, the outstanding feature of the Conference was the sense of appurtenance and the spontaneous and almost emotional kinship that invaded our hearts. We had the intimate conviction that we were among ourselves and probably branches of the same trees.

The goal of INTAD is to strive to keep this flame burning eternally. The foundation has been laid in Mauritius and the edifice that will be constructed will encompass space and time. The next component will be set up in the Republic of South Africa in 2016 and thereafter in Reunion Island in 2017 and Australia in in 2018. There is no doubt that others will follow suit in earnest.

We look forward to our next meeting in the Republic of South Africa.

Armoogum Parsuramen


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Pithukuli Murugadas Award 2017